Published on 24 February 2022

Hannah Barrett, who was injured in fatal road traffic accident, is set to participate in this year’s Cardiff Half Marathon on 27th March.

Hannah Barrett was told she would probably never run again after being injured in an horrific road traffic accident which killed one of her fellow passengers. 

Hannah had broken legs and a ruptured cruciate ligament following the accident in Australia five years ago. 

At the end of April 2017, after 6 months in a wheelchair and walking with two crutches, she was finally able to walk unaided. 

However, Hannah, 31, from Whitchurch, is now recovered sufficiently to throw away her crutches and take part in the Cardiff University ‘Cardiff Half Marathon’ on 27th March to fundraise for one of the event’s charity partners - DRWF. 

Hannah took up exercise and running after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was aged 17. 

Hannah said: “Type 1 diabetes is a hidden condition and I have never let my diagnosis stop me from doing anything in life. I regularly use it as a reason to do as much as possible.” 

Following the car accident, Hannah used the NHS ‘Couch to 5k’ programme to see if she could run successfully and without pain after the accident, as she was told she wouldn’t ever be able to. 

Hannah said: “Exercise and being active was the key for optimal diabetes management. It’s been an integral part of my life and without it my mental and physical health would have suffered greatly.” 

Hannah says she is delighted to be able to fundraise for DRWF. Her Just Giving page has already raised more than £400 - with a target of £1,000. 

Tim Green, head of community fundraising at DRWF, said: “We’re so inspired by Hannah’s story and very grateful to her fundraising for the charity. We are looking for more people interested in the Cardiff half marathon to run for DRWF.” 

There is more info about signing up to run the Cardiff Half Marathon for DRWF here 

Despite the crippling injuries of the road accident Hannah suffered in November 2016, at the age of 26, she was determined to run again. 

Hannah said: “So here I am, five years after being told I would never run again, throwing myself at this challenge and aiming to prove that having type 1 diabetes does not stop you from doing anything.” 

She added: “Exercise not only helps me to manage my diabetes, it also keeps me sane. I am so grateful to be able to walk. I am so grateful to be able to run. And I am so grateful to be fundraising for a charity that works so hard to raise awareness of all types of diabetes, to provide information and support to promote good self-management and to enhance quality of life, and to ultimately help find a cure.” 

The Cardiff Half Marathon is organised by Cardiff University. The event has grown significantly since it was founded in 2003 when 1,500 runners took part. It now attracts a mass race field of more than 27,500 registered runners alongside world-class athletes in a trio of fiercely contested men’s, women’s, and wheelchair elite races. 

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