Published on 19 October 2021

DRWF supporter Jane took on the challenge of abseiling down the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth in hope of a cure for her son who has type 1 diabetes.

A Barnsley midwife with a fear of heights has abseiled from a 100-metre-high tower to raise funds for a charity helping people like her son, who lives with type 1 diabetes.

Jane Warburton completed a descent down the side of Portsmouth’s iconic landmark the Spinnaker Tower to fundraise for DRWF.

Our DRWF fundraiser, Jane, with her son Isaac outside the Spinnaker Tower.

Jane said that even though she hates heights, she wanted to make a difference for her 16-year-old son: “I watch Isaac get up every day and repeatedly have to scan, carb count and inject.

“It’s an emotional and physical rollercoaster with no option but to carry on. He has no other choice! He stays positive, is self-disciplined and motivated; at times angry and sometimes disheartened but always hopeful for a cure.”

Jane chose to fundraise for DRWF because Isaac would love a cure for his type 1 diabetes.

DRWF is funding a wide range of research projects which could make a big difference to people living with diabetes.

In the meantime, Isaac remains positive about the future and is using a continuous glucose monitor to help manage his blood glucose levels.

Isaac said he is very proud of his mum’s achievement: “I think mum is amazing to take on the Spinnaker Tower abseil and even more so for raising so much for DRWF. I would love to see a cure for type 1 diabetes and I hope this money will go someway towards research to find a cure.”

Jane added that she had her own personal reasons for taking on the challenge: “I took on the abseil because I wanted to do something daring, demanding and exciting!

“Since 2019, I have had a very challenging time in my own personal life, followed by depression. Isaac has given me the motivation to take on a personal challenge and make a difference.

“I hope to make him and my family proud of me and in the process raise money for this amazing charity!”

Tim Green, Head of Community Fundraising at DRWF, said he was inspired by Jane and Isaac’s story: “We were all really heartened by Jane’s bravery. I have done the Spinnaker Tower abseil and I can tell you it’s a difficult process lowering yourself out at the top. Jane’s commitment was amazing, and she has raised more than £1,000 so far.”

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