Published on 5 April 2024

It is with happiness, and a little sadness, that we announce the retirement of long-standing DRWF Board member and much-loved friend, Valerie Hussey.

Val joined the Board of Trustees in the charity’s infancy almost 25 years ago.

We have come a long way in that time and made a significant contribution to diabetes awareness and research advances, all of which have served to fuel Val’s ongoing commitment to DRWF and the diabetes community at large.

Valerie Hussey

Val worked for the NHS for more than 40 years at Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton, as a nursing auxiliary in medical, surgical and gynaecology departments, in addition to supporting cancer and sexual health clinics in the community. Val describes herself as someone for whom making a difference to others gives her a real sense of purpose.

Working within the NHS, Val came across many people living with diabetes and took a particular interest in expectant mothers with gestational diabetes.

Over the years that Val has served as a Trustee of DRWF, the prevalence of diabetes has more than doubled, and she has seen both family members and friends affected by the condition.

Val said: “Over the last 25 years, the charity has raised significant funds to support work, which has made a real difference to the daily lives of people with diabetes. DRWF has been instrumental in helping the public understand more about diabetes, how to recognise symptoms and self-manage the condition effectively.

I have really enjoyed attending the charity’s Wellness Events which do a wonderful job in supporting information sharing and learning in a safe environment. Education is key to living well with diabetes until research finds a cure, and providing a warm and welcoming place is something that DRWF does incredibly well. I have loved every moment of my time as a Trustee, which enabled me to do something positive with my spare time.

“I hope that DRWF continues to thrive in these challenging times. The charity has always placed great emphasis on delivering value for money, spending donors’ gifts wisely and demonstrating the impact their work has for the diabetes community. I think this is more important than ever.

“I am extremely proud of Sarah Tutton, Chief Executive, and the team at DRWF who have been committed and loyal to the charity over many years and I feel truly privileged to have been part of its 25-year history.”

Val has two daughters, six grandchildren, and four greatgrandchildren, who will no doubt keep her very busy.

We thank Val for her significant contribution to the charity and wish her well in her “retirement”. It has been a wonderful journey.

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