Published on 30 August 2022

Programme proven to improve self-management for people living with the condition.

Vital digital education to help support people living with type 2 diabetes will continue to be made available for free across Wales.

Wales has the highest prevalence of diabetes in the UK with nearly 210,000 people living with the condition. This means 8% of the adult population has diabetes and it is estimated 90% of these people have type 2 diabetes.

Estimates suggest a further 65,500 people in Wales may have type 2 diabetes, but have not yet been diagnosed, and a further 580,000 residents are suspected of being at risk of developing the condition.

To support patients the gold standard type 2 diabetes MyDESMOND digital education programme will be available across the country for a further year, following the All Wales Diabetes Implementation Group (AWDIG) commissioning Leicester Diabetes Centre to continue to offer the service. 

The evidence-based digital platform has been proven to lower diabetes-related distress and increase diabetes self-management.

All Wales Nutrition and Dietetic Lead for Diabetes, Catherine Washbrook-Davies, said: “It’s vitally important that education is available to every patient with type 2 diabetes at any time to ensure they can successfully self-manage their condition. If diabetes is not managed correctly it can lead to many other health issues and can damage organs, nerves and blood vessels.

“The MyDESMOND interactive digital platform supports patients to better self-manage their condition.

“It may be used as a standalone programme for those who are unable to attend groups or can aid self-management before, during and after attendance at a group-based education sessions such as X-PERT or Diabetes Awareness sessions.”

Picture: All Wales Nutrition and Dietetic Lead for Diabetes Catherine Washbrook-Davies

Catherine Washbrook Davies headshot.
Alison Northern headshot.

Leicester Diabetes Centre Implementation Lead Alison Northern added: “The MyDESMOND programme has been founded on the NICE-approved face-to-face DESMOND self-management programme. This means patients receive the same quality of programme but delivered at a pace to suit their needs.

“It includes short videos, articles and interactive activities on diet and exercise which users can view as quickly, or as slowly, as they like.”

MyDESMOND features diabetes-related content, as well as booster sessions allowing users to interact with the programme on an on-going basis.

There is also an opportunity to ask an expert and people can track their activity levels and link up to the Fitbit, Google Fit or Garmin. Weight, blood pressure, HbA1c, diet and cholesterol can be tracked and there is the option to set daily targets.

In addition, the programme gives people with type 2 diabetes the chance to connect with, and support, each other via the chat forum of the DESMOND community.

Picture: Leicester Diabetes Centre Implementation Lead Alison Northern

If you have type 2 diabetes and are registered at a GP surgery in Wales request access to the programme by visiting the My Desmond website here
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