Online seminar will take place on 27th October.

Researchers will provide an online review of their findings on the use of Total Diet Replacements (TDRs) for weight loss, type 2 diabetes remission and prevention in an in-depth webinar set to take place on Wednesday, 27th October.

The online seminar will bring together industry, academics and other stakeholders and is hosted by TDMR (Total Diet and Meal Replacements) Europe.

The event, Total Diet Replacement: exploring sustainable weight loss and health benefits, including diabetes remission and prevention, will review the most recent scientific studies on TDR’s effect on reducing body weight and delivering health benefits.

Among expert speakers scheduled to make presentations at the event include: TDMR Europe Chair, Prof Anthony Leeds of Parker Institute, Frederiksberg Hospital, Copenhagen, Dr Nerys Astbury of University of Oxford, Prof Jennie Brand Miller of University of Sydney and Prof Mike Lean of University of Glasgow.

TDMR Europe Chairman Prof Anthony Leeds said: “Following a highly successful webinar that debunked the myths surrounding Total Diet Replacements, we are delighted to launch this online seminar to provide delegates with an overview of current research, the findings of which clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of TDR on weight loss and achieving type 2 diabetes remission and prevention.

“Obesity and overweight are among the most critical challenges for European healthcare and economic sectors. The increasing levels of obesity and co-morbidities that Europe is facing today will soon overwhelm capacity for healthcare provision.

“Weight loss with TDR is a safe, cost-effective, evidence-based solution that provides rapid results. Most consumers find it easy to comply with this programme. It is important now, more than ever, to raise awareness of the benefits of TDR for weight loss and obesity-related health conditions.”

The seminar will highlight the importance of large weight losses and their sustainability in delivering improved risk factors and health benefits.

Speakers will also provide a thorough overview of the latest trials on weight loss and diabetes remission and prevention with TDR; the panel will discuss the DROPLET research study that examined GP referral for delivery of the diet in a community setting.

In addition, the PREVIEW and DiRECT studies examined diabetes prevention and diabetes remission.

In all three cases initial weight losses of around 10kg to 15kg were achieved with TDR

The webinar will also review recent evidence for weight maintenance after TDR within each major trial.

TDMR Europe aims to use the event to provide healthcare professionals, journalists, NGOs, policy makers and regulators with an improved understanding of the relevance of TDR in bringing down the incidence of obesity and related comorbidities.

The event will take place on 27th October from 2pm to 3.30pm

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