Published on 9 October 2020

Medical charities organisation AMRC shares report highlighting the importance of fundraising organisations in supporting research.

It may seem unthinkable, but the current Covid-19 crisis has highlighted how fragile the plight is for many charities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC), of which DRWF is a member, have recently published a report on “the unique and irreplaceable roles charities play in the life sciences sector”.

The Without Charities report argues that the UK would not be the world leader in medical research that it is today if these organisations did not exist due to vital role they play in funding studies.

Among key points included that thousands of promising scientists would lose support to kickstart and develop their research careers.

In addition, investment into crucial research infrastructure would significantly decrease.

For people with diabetes the report showed that progress at crucial stages of the medical research process would slow.

A case study on type 2 diabetes said that research into the condition “changed treatment and care for people all over the world and it is recognised as a major step forward in understanding how best to manage the condition”.

Key facts:

  • In the UK there are 17,000 researchers funded by AMRC charities, including technicians, fellows, NHS research staff, and PhD students

  • 50% of all public funding into disease prevention research is provided by AMRC charities

  • 20% of public funding into the development of treatments and therapies is provided by AMRC charities

  • 26% of public funding into health research infrastructure is provided by AMRC charities

  • 73% of AMRC charities use patient voice to shape their strategic priorities
  • £2.7 billion of further funding for UK research has been leveraged by AMRC charities

The report added: “Charities fund bold, high risk/high reward research that attracts and mobilises world leading scientists, clinicians, innovators and entrepreneurs to tackle health challenges, significantly increasing the probability of developing solutions.”

Read the AMRC Without Charities report
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Fundraising for DRWF during lockdown

During lockdown many fundraising events that had been scheduled for this year have been cancelled as a result of social distancing measures due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now more than ever we are relying on supporters to come up with novel fundraising ideas to support charity operations.

For example, we recently reported on the challenge set by the Rivinus family, who set a 26,000 steps challenge at their home in support of DRWF.

Karen Scott, Community Fundraiser at DRWF, said: “We are still supporting our research projects during the COVID-19 health crisis. DRWF does not receive any government funding and relies on voluntary donations to enable us to continue to support people living with diabetes and those who care for them.

“We also invest heavily into research, some of which is ongoing. In our last audited year, we invested 85p of every pound spent into our charity aims and objectives.”

If you have a fundraising idea and would like to support DRWF we would love to hear from you. Contact us to discuss any ideas by emailing or call 023 9263 6138. 
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DRWF operations during the Covid-19 health crisis

The DRWF team is working remotely. Covid-19 guidance, particularly where it aligns or impacts with diabetes guidance, is shared as quickly as possible through the DRWF website and social media channels with the aim of making it as easy to understand as possible and a reliable source of latest news.

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