Published on 23 February 2023

The Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD) conference takes place this week in Berlin and online.

The 16th International Conference on Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD 2023) takes place from 22nd-25th February in Berlin, Germany and as a virtual event online.

Conference Chairpersons Professor Moshe Phillip and Professor Tadej Battelino said: “ATTD is the leading international forum where clinicians, diabetes care providers, researchers, industries, start-up, investors, reimbursement authorities, regulators and people with diabetes, assemble with the goal to ameliorate the care of people with diabetes as the fastest possible pace.

“Presentations and discussions will be given by many distinguished professionals in the field and will include topics such as artificial intelligence-based decision support systems, glucose sensors, closed-loop systems, artificial pancreas, devices for diabetic prevention, new medications for the treatment of diabetes, new insulins, delivery systems and insulin pumps and many more.

Among presentations at the conference will be a showcase on the latest continuous glucose monitoring technology (CGM).

A person wearing a CGM.

Since being introduced in recent years, CGM has become a key part towards optimal diabetes management for people living with diabetes when compared to previous methods of fingerstick testing and intermittently scanned CGM.

CGM manufacturers Dexcom will be presenting their range of CGM products, including Dexcom G7, Dexcom ONE and Dexcom G6 that offer easy to use, connected and covered CGM options for people living with diabetes around the world – as access to this technology has become more widely available.

Jake Leach, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Dexcom, said: “Last year at ATTD we first introduced our expanded portfolio of Dexcom CGM systems. Almost one year later we are thrilled to report that Dexcom G7 is already available in eight countries, Dexcom ONE has played a significant role in helping expand CGM coverage for millions more people with diabetes and Dexcom G6 continues to lead the industry in connectivity with automated insulin delivery systems and digital health apps.”

The company reports that expanded access to CGM globally of the Dexcom ONE system expanded reimbursed coverage to Dexcom CGM outside the US for more than 3.5 million people over the past 18 months. From Spain to Estonia and the UK, more and more people living with diabetes are gaining access to real-time CGM as Dexcom ONE continues to launch in additional markets.

A person wearing a CGM.

Among talks will include a review of recently updated clinical practice guidelines on real-time continuous glucose monitoring (rtCGM) use in type 2 diabetes management.

The presentation will highlight results of recent studies on the use of rtCGM early in the course of care for type 2 diabetes. In addition, there will be an examination on how improving access for people with type 2 diabetes, on less intensive insulin treatments could potentially take up the use of rtCGM in clinical practice.

The talk will look at ways to simplify the way figures from CGM data are reviewed, specifically for type 2 diabetes, and steps that have been taken to include this data into electronic health records for more efficient clinical workflows.

A further presentation will consider how the emergence of diabetes technology in the hospital holds the potential to revolutionise glycaemic management and change the standard of care.

For more information about these presentations and to register to virtually attend the ATTD conference, visit here

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