Published on 19 October 2022
Clinical trials begin looking at effects of exercise and continuous glucose monitoring in people with pre-diabetes and those who do not have the condition.

 Clinical trials using a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) health platform have started looking at results from people with pre-diabetes and people who do not have diabetes.

The tests are being organised by Ultrahuman, an online metabolic fitness platform, to address what they describe as “one of the largest healthcare issues that exist today” - the metabolic health crisis.

Researchers said that by helping people understand how food and exercise affect their metabolic health, they will be able to make more informed lifestyle choices to achieve better health. 

The metabolic biomarker figures collected in this study will be correlated to various CGM parameters. These correlations will be used to construct a scoring system using CGM data that will indicate the metabolic health of an individual – whether they have diabetes or not. 


Mohit Kumar, Founder and CEO, Ultrahuman, said: “Our aim with the clinical trials is to determine if CGM data by itself can be used as an indicator of metabolic health.”

Dr Hans-Peter Kubis, of the Ultrahuman medical and sports science advisory board, said: “Homeostasis is the most essential requirement for living organisms. Having the opportunity to gain deep insight in our own homeostatic glucose regulation offers opportunities for us on many levels. Understanding the personal impact of our nutrition, sleep, and activity, as well as stress on our glucose homeostasis can inform us making better behavioural choices and improving our health. The Ultrahuman system allows us to self-monitor the link between glucose homeostatic changes and our nutritional habits and may open our eyes to a better diet and lifestyle.”

Bhuvan Srinivasan, Chief Business Officer, Ultrahuman, added: “We are huge proponents of using data to help everyone optimise their metabolic health, no matter what their starting point is. These trials are the first step in bringing continuous glucose monitoring to everyone.”

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