Published on 22 May 2024

Continuous glucose monitor manufacturer offers support for users, family and carers.

An online support form for continuous glucose monitor (CGM) users has been updated.

CGM manufacturer Abbott has updated the form so it can be used by device users living with diabetes, their caregivers on behalf of people living with diabetes, including children, and also by those who use the CamAPS FX app and Omnipod 5.

A statement from Abbott said: “By using the Sensor Support Form at a time that suits them, customers receive quick and efficient support as product details are reviewed by our Customer Services team before they contact the customer.”

The form should be accessed if device users experiencing any of the following complications: loss of consciousness (fainted, couldn’t respond to sound or touch); had a seizure (loss of muscle control or violent muscle contractions); or required medical attention from someone other than yourself.

Access the Sensor Support Form provided by Abbott here

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