Published on 5 April 2017

Raid the piggy bank! Empty the jam jars! Check the coat pockets! - and don't forget the back of the sofa!

The new £1 coin has made an appearance. Launched on 28th March, the coin has 12 sides and is made of two metals. It has a hologram-like image along with a secret, high-security, feature to protect it from being illegally copied.

From 15th October 2017, the old £1 coin (or ‘round pound’) will no longer be accepted as legal tender.

To mark the out-going ‘round pound’ and the launch of the new coin, we are asking you to…
Pledge a £1 to charity

It is estimated that more than one third of the £1.3 billion worth of the current ‘round pound’ coins are stored in household savings around the UK!

By donating your £1 coins you will be helping us to carry out all of our vital charitable activities. We provide information, education, advice and support to people living every day with the complex challenge of diabetes and its associated complications, so that they are staying well until the research we fund, finds a cure.

It costs us ‘around a pound’ to send a Diabetes Awareness Necklace free of charge to someone living with diabetes. This simple necklace alerts medical staff to the fact that someone has diabetes in an emergency situation, such as when someone becomes unconscious whilst having a hypoglycaemic (low blood sugar) episode.

“Your necklace saved my aunt’s life. I have type 2 diabetes, as does my husband” – A Bufton

Last year, we distributed 10,000 of these necklaces to people living with all forms of diabetes, and diabetes healthcare professionals to ensure that they were carrying, or had access to free emergency identification, just in case.

We are investing in a brighter future for people with diabetes – WILL YOU?

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There are lots of ways to raise money to support
people living with all forms of diabetes.

Bake, Swim, Cycle, Fly ... Do It For DRWF!

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