Published on 21 May 2024

Survey of people living with type 2 diabetes highlights desire to gain more confidence.

A new report on type 2 diabetes examines the preferences and behaviours of those living with the condition, as well as their caretakers and healthcare professionals.

The first State of Type 2 Report found that nearly half (49%) of people with type 2 diabetes were unaware of the condition’s effects when diagnosed.

The report published by diabetes device manufacturer Dexcom aims to serve as a resource for healthcare professionals supporting those living with type 2 diabetes and empower those with the condition to feel less isolated.

The report found that 63% of people living with type 2 diabetes were encountering difficulties in managing the condition, including challenges related to mental health or improving their diet.

Almost half (48%) believe that being able to monitor their glucose levels would help them better manage their condition.

In addition, 39% feel that greater knowledge about available care options would be beneficial.


To coincide with the report Dexcom have announced the launch of Dexcom ONE+, a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device that easily tracks real-time glucose readings to help improve diabetes management,

The study found that there was a link between real-time CGM usage and improved management of the condition.

The study findings showed that with more awareness about the impact of food and exercise choices on glucose levels, people became more motivated to continue making positive choices, likely leading to significant glycaemic benefits.

Karen Baxter, Vice President, Northern Europe, South Africa, Israel, and Malta at Dexcom, said: “The State of Type 2 Report reveals that people trying to manage their type 2 diabetes face significant impacts on all areas of their lives including, and perhaps particularly, their mental health.

“We’re proud to have developed a sensor that addresses the unmet needs of the type 2 community. Feedback from users and healthcare professionals already using Dexcom ONE+ indicates that the sensor is easy to use and motivational, as it provides a clearer understanding of how food and exercise choices affect glucose levels.

“Seeing real-time feedback can help alleviate the frustration many people, especially those with type 2 diabetes, experience in understanding and managing their condition.”

Dexcom ONE+ is suitable for people living with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes and is covered for some people on prescription via the NHS and is also available to purchase online.

People living with diabetes and caregivers should speak to their doctor about the best options for them.

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