Published on 3 July 2024

Investigating the challenges of helping young people manage their diabetes.

A student research project is reaching out to caregivers of young people living with diabetes to improve results in managing the condition.

Helen Dawson is a student at Teesside University and is running a survey as part of a masters dissertation project on Empowering Caregivers: Designing a Tailored Digital Healthcare Solution for Managing Paediatric Diabetes in Children with Non-Visible Disabilities.

Helen said: “The problem I am addressing is the insufficient support available to parents and carers of children with non-visible disabilities who also have diabetes. These individuals face unique challenges in managing their child's diabetes care alongside their specific needs related to non-visible disabilities.

“Current healthcare solutions often do not cater to these combined needs, leading to increased stress and difficulties in effectively managing diabetes. By designing a tailored digital healthcare solution, I aim to empower parents and carers with the necessary tools and resources to navigate paediatric diabetes within the context of non-visible disabilities.

“This initiative seeks to improve the overall quality of care and well-being for both children and their caregivers in this demographic.”

Helen added: “I am also a parent of a child with both type 1 diabetes and non-visible disabilities.”

Helen is looking for parents of children with type 1 diabetes, who may or may not have non-visible disabilities in addition to their diabetes, to complete an online questionnaire.

The questionnaire can be accessed here

NOTE: DRWF will from time-to-time advise readers of ‘calls to participate’ in diabetes and related health research studies. It should not necessarily be considered that the charity is in any way connected to the study or the group issuing the call for participants. If we are involved in any way, we will make this known. We will only share external calls where we have confirmed that the study holds ethics committee approval, and the study is specific to diabetes and related health. Taking part in a medical research study is a big step and further helpful information can be found via the National Institute for Health and Care Research Clinical Trials Guide.

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