Published on 14 January 2022

Key moments from the timeline of insulin use visited in time travel storyline.

With 2022 marking 100 years since the first ever insulin dose was administered to a human being a new comic book has been published that celebrates the legacy of the ground-breaking medical discovery. 

In Type One: Generations, to mark this incredible moment in our history, the reader is taken on a whirlwind ride through the last century of key insulin associated developments, with help from some time travelling companions. 

Selected artwork from the comic of the main characters.


The comic is the latest in a series of type 1 diabetes stories produced by Revolve Comics in collaboration between artist Danny Mclaughlin and Professor Partha Kar OBE, National Specialty Advisor for Diabetes with NHS England and Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust; Dr Mayank Patel, Consultant in Diabetes and Acute Medicine at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust and member of the DRWF Editorial Advisory Board. 


The front cover of 'Type 1 Generations' created by Revolve Comics.

A statement from the publishers said: “It was in January 1922 that, following its discovery in 1921, insulin was used for the first time as a treatment for type 1 diabetes in a human being. 

“Since that monumental moment, millions have benefitted from the use of insulin and countless lives have been saved and changed for the better. Though we have come a long way, there remains more to be done. 

“Much more has been learned around the understanding of insulin, which has given rise to countless different types being available to suit different situations. Huge advances in how insulin is administered, with an ever-increasing role for continually evolving technology, have also been instrumental in improving the lives of those with type 1 diabetes. 

“This comic is in dedication to all of those living with type 1 diabetes, their parents and caregivers, and an extra special thanks to our guest reviewers. We hope our story helps and inspires you and others. 

“We would also like to dedicate this issue to our fellow NHS colleagues who continue to work tirelessly and give their all during this pandemic. 


“For our latest adventure, we find Kieran out of time, literally, as he and his companions learn a lot about how far things have evolved, when it comes to insulin, whilst trying to stop those who want to see ‘a world without insulin’. 

“Thanks to all of those with type 1 diabetes who’s lived experiences have helped inform our stories to date. A life lived with type 1 diabetes can be challenging. It is the great hope of all of those in the diabetes community that, going forward, more insulin related breakthroughs will occur.” 

Artwork from the comic of professionals involved in diabetes care and community, as comic book characters.

DRWF supporters may recognise one of the characters as our Events Coordinator makes an appearance.

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