Published on 14 July 2017

Faulty insulin cartridge holders should be replaced.

People with diabetes using a number of insulin pens are being advised to replace them if they are from a batch found to crack or break when in contact with certain chemicals, including household cleaning products.

Novo Nordisk has urged people with diabetes using a NovoPen Echo and/or NovoPen 5 from one of the affected batches to contact them in order to replace the cartridge holder as some could be damaged or subject to damage in the future if not changed.

Using a device with a cracked or broken cartridge holder can result in the device delivering a smaller dose of insulin than expected leading to high blood sugar. The risk of experiencing high blood sugar with the use of a device with an affected cartridge holder is evaluated to be less than 0.1 %, i.e. only 1 in 1,000 patients will experience high blood sugar due to an affected cartridge holder.

People with diabetes using a pen from one of the affected batches are advised to not stop treatment without consulting your doctor.

To request a replacement cartridge holder, register your contact details (name, address, phone number, email and number of affected cartridge holders) either at the local Novo Nordisk website  or contact the Novo Nordisk Customer Care line on  0845 600 5055. Novo Nordisk will extend opening hours of the Customer Care line to include weekends to support patients. Opening hours will be 8am-8pm Mon-Fri and 8am-4pm Sat-Sun.

Dr Avideh Nazeri, Director of Clinical, Medical and Regulatory for Novo Nordisk UK and Ireland, said, “Novo Nordisk is committed to delivering high-quality products and sincerely apologises for this unfortunate situation and the concerns and inconvenience it may cause patients and health care professionals. We are working closely with the MHRA and UK patient groups to ensure patient safety and minimise the disruption this situation causes.”

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