Published on 22 May 2024

New animated film for diabetes presents tips for people living with diabetes to enjoy a healthy diet.

Eating well can help improve your self-management of diabetes, while also reducing the risk of developing further complications due to the condition.

DRWF have produced a new animated short film presenting top tips from our new diabetes and healthy eating leaflet.

Watch the film here 

The DRWF Healthy eating for diabetes information leaflet highlights key messages to improve your diet and food choices.

Key messages checklist

People living with diabetes can still eat the same kind of food as people who do not have the condition.

Here is a summary of the key messages for Healthy eating with diabetes:

  1. Eat more high-fibre foods like beans, pulses, whole grains, fruit and vegetables.
  2. Cut down on sugar-rich food and drink.
  3. Choose fewer ultra-processed and takeaway foods and be mindful of portion sizes.

For more information read the DRWF Healthy eating for diabetes leaflet here

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